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New Pro List Rules
  • After three years, PRO AA players downgrade to PRO status and will have new "ON List" and "OFF List" dates set.
  • These new PROs are marked on the PRO list as "Off AA List" in the "Place" column.

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Class Last Name First Name City, State, Country Event Place Location ON list OFF list
Women's A Uhinck Marin Marblehead, OH Womens Singles 3rd OH Regional 32 06-01-17 06-01-20
PRO Ulerick Brian Wesley Chapel, FL Mens Singles Cricket 1st FL Regional 31 06-01-16 06-01-19
PRO Ulry Steven Green Bay, WI Mens Doubles 2nd Known Ability 01-01-01 06-01-25
PRO Uraine John Peoria, AZ Mixed Cricket Doubles 3rd BullShooter 32 06-01-17 06-01-20
PRO AA Usami Kei Japan DL 25th DL 02-01-16 06-01-19
PRO Ustby Kevin Milwaukee, WI Men's Doubles 1st BullShooter 30 06-01-15 06-01-18
Women's A Utley Robyn Pittsburgh, PA Womens Doubles 1st VA Regional 30 06-01-15 06-01-18

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