Since 1986 Arachnid has run BullShooter Regionals around the United States throughout every dart season. At this time Arachnid also began to concentrate on marketing internationally and decided to start their own tournament, the world renowned BullShooter World Challenge of Champions Tournament. The first BullShooter took place in Chicago in May, 1986. The tournament then featured four events, payed out $25,000 in prize money and had over 1,000 entrants from around the United States. In May, 2015, Arachnid celebrated its 30th Anniversary BullShooter tournament. And today players come from all over the world to compete against “the best”. Playing in 21 events to win $130,000 in prize money!

The combined effort, between Arachnid and the ever growing group of Operators, has now provided players more opportunities for Leagues and Tournaments year round. The BullShooter World Tour alone provides 12 Regional Tournaments that qualify players to compete in the BullShooter World Challenge of Champions Tournament. On top of that there are thousands of leagues that play throughout the course of a year, at least 17 State Tournaments, and then factor usually another 10-15 additional tournaments. The sport is continuing to grow and Arachnid is always working on finding ways to improve the sport and provide more opportunities for the players.

Use this page to navigate to find out more information on any Regionals coming up or to view the results of a completed Regional. You can also find out details on the next upcoming BullShooter World Challenge of Champions Tournament, view the results of past WCCTs, and find out the details on the locations and times of all the Additional Tournaments that are happening.

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