Galaxy 3 Support Documents

Our latest dartboard, the Galaxy 3 Live, features a flippable dartboard with 15″ and 13″ targets, attractive digital lighting, online play, and international player rankings, as well as Arachnid’s signature league integration capabilities.

Galaxy 3 Manual - 03/24/2014

This is the Galaxy 3 manual. Check here for frequent updates!

Galaxy 3 Marquee LED Board Schematic - 06/19/13

Schematic for the LED light board behind the Marquee. The schematic was created using conventional terms and designations.

Galaxy 3 Wiring Diagram - 06/19/2013

Looking to figure out which wire goes where? This wiring diagram should help out.

Recommended Modems for the Galaxy 3 - 02/10/12

These are the recommended WiFi and Phone Modems. This page will be updated as we find more that work.